“His infinite commitment, the power, his sensitiveness and calmness which he conveys in his nature and music deeply affect me..” 


— Isabel Karajan


Reider Collao - "The tales they told us"

This project is the result of imaginative yet truthful ideas and a playful spirit. By using the traditional classical and modern language in his soprano saxophone playing, Alvaro incorporates his flexible timbre into the tunes, while Florian ́s piano support is full of exciting harmonic extensions. All these components combined enable the listener to catch a glimpse of classical and Jazz counterpoint. 

Alvaro and Florian are international artists who act in two lush cultural worlds. Classically trained musicians with abundant experience in popular music, united in spontaneous as well as refined dialogues, immersed in the vulnerability of improvisation. Their piano and saxophone skills make them a dazzling pair when interpreting. The transitions between each style take place in cunning arrangements of iconic compositions that will absolutely delight the audience. 

With this program we refer to our cultural and artistic diversity and at the same time present our own musical spectrum. The aim is to cross the border between historical and contemporary music, presenting works from Bach and Schumann up until John Coltrane in clever arrangements and our very own evocative compositions. 

The Austrian influence originates especially from our deep connection to our most important study place and city of the duo’s origin, namely Vienna. The musical hub of the world has shaped our ways of expression as well as our personalities and that influence is what we want to represent in our artistic work.